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We apologies if it appears ready and working. There are no webmaster project ideas present as of yet so do not try and waste to much time on this site for now.

Better yet, come back when the fun begins and we populate this site with tons of ideas.

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Welcome to Project Ideas! Project ideas is an innovative way of distributing all sorts of ideas. Whether you a creative person who comes up with tuns of ideas but you do not have the time or intention to realize them, or you are a brilliant webmaster who needs some website ideas for future projects, Project Ideas is the ideal place for you! If you want to know more, just get started by exploring our site on your own time. Be sure to register or login if you have already to start sharing website ideas of your own or others!

If you thus want to know more I’d suggest you visit the other tab!


Finally may you find our site useful and enjoy your visit!



Detailed Version

Project Ideas - Website Ideas Project Ideas

Fueling your future webmaster projects!

Introduction to Project Ideas (PI)

Project Ideas is a blog on what you can find website ideas that can be used to base a webmaster project on. Say you have no website ideas of your own at the moment or no good ideas but you do have the time to start a project? Then our website could offer you the idea(s) you are looking for!

Mobile Users

For those of you who use the IPad, iPhone, Ipod or an other device then a PC, we recommend you to visit the following page:

Mobile Sitemap

Why? In case you’re having a hard time navigating our website through the dropdown menu links. =)

Note: On this all our pages are listed and other links like categories.

Getting Started

You can search project ideas by:

  1. Extension of the domains. {{1}} [[1]]Browse website ideas based on the extension of the domain. Examples: .Com, .Net, .Org, etc…
    Note: The author can hide the domain and only share the domain name with you when you contact the author. Even then he/she is not required to share it.[[1]]
  2. Size of the project. {{2}} [[2]]Maybe you are not looking for a project with loads of complexity but for a simple project? Then look in the “Small” category. [[2]]
  3. Stage of the project. {{3}} [[3]]Similar to the “Size” category. This allows you to search website ideas by how much information is shown on the website idea page.[[3]]
  4. Genre of the project. {{4}} [[4]]This category allows you to find website ideas of what they are about. Want to start a webmaster forum or something like that? Look into the “webmaster” category. [[4]]
  5. Difficulty of the project. {{5}} [[5]]How hard or easy is it to realize the website idea of a project? It depends on your skills and experience. Search website ideas by the level of skill required.[[5]]

Sharing an Idea

You can share an idea in some ways.

First you can just Contact Us with the basic idea and let us work out the details of it and publish it on the website.{{10}} [[10]]Will I get proper credit? Yes if you mention it in the message you send to us. It’s probably also recommend to read the page: Idea Credits.[[10]]

Second you can fill out a more detailed form than the Contact Us form which can be found at this page: Share Idea.

Third you can just publish the website idea yourself by registering and then creating a post.{{9}} [[9]]What info of the idea has to be in that post? Get an answer to your question on our Help page. [[9]]

Tip: You can also just contribute to already existing ideas that need improvement. {{11}} [[11]]For more info on how to contribute to an idea please visit our contribute page.[[11]]

Detailed description of Project Ideas

Project Ideas is a platform on which any person, group or company can publish an idea or ideas to be used by any type of webmaster that wants to.

With any type of webmaster we mean:

A) The professional webmaster who does this for a living.

B) The casual hobby webmaster.

C) Any other type of webmaster!

Our main goal? To fuel the future webmaster projects of everybody that finds our website who has time but no idea to base a project on.

However Project Ideas isn’t a domain search tool and shouldn’t be used to harvest untaken domains and buy them with the intention of selling with profit. That way you (The one doing this.) ruin other webmasters their chance to do something creative/useful with the domain that is associated with a project idea. We have set up a possibility to make the domain name as the author of the idea private.{{6}} [[6]]More details on that on our Help page. [[6]]

Mission Statement

We aim to become the biggest database of website ideas that can be used for webmaster projects. It is our goal to provide a platform on what anyone can publish, share, improve and discuss ideas. The information we offer about ideas will always be as accurate as possible.

Our platform can be used for: (we can publish the website idea to if you don’t got the time to do it. Just Contact Us with some basic info.)

As Author

  1. Sharing an idea you came up with.
  2. Sharing an idea that you came up with but still lack the details of. {{7}} [[7]]You might ask yourself why would I do this? Well so that others can give feedback on your idea, improve it, make it more complete.When it has all the details you need you can use the idea yourself if you want to. And when it is complete you can use the idea yourself if you want to.[[7]]
  3. Sharing an idea of someone else that you have permission of to publish it here.
  4. Etc …
As the person looking for ideas
  1. Finding the website idea you’re looking for and being able to mark it [taken] by contacting the author. {{8}} [[8]] More information about that on our Help page. [[8]]
  2. Just browsing ideas.
  3. etc …

Thanks for checking us out and have a good hunt for that ideal website idea of yours!



The Project Ideas Team.

Still got questions?

You can head down to our Help page where everything is explained in detail. If you have just 1 question or two then maybe these can be answered more quickly by checking out our FAQ page instead.

Share your thoughts!

Tell us what you find of Project Ideas or if you have any idea that we can add/do on our website through our Contact Us page. That is if you want to share something in private. If no you can always use the comment feature on the contact us page. 


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In the Future

At this section you can see what we got planned for the future.

Firstly we plan to expand our service. Find out more? In many many months we plan to expand to other types of people. We don’t mean just add more subsites but also offer school related project ideas. So not just cater to webmasters but to other types of people as well. We don’t know yet when we’ll do this though.

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