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Work Log: July


Here you can find my work log for this month. I suppose to finish the blog by the end of the month.

Edit: The reason I haven’t done much is because I was waiting on the newest version of WordPress to come out. But now I also got a new blog to built up with higher priority then this one sadly. I will get this blog done but sadly not in any given future for now. The other blog I’m working is for a game called Rome II Total War. Link to my blog is rometw2.com.

  1. of July YES
  2. of July YES
  3. of July YES
  4. of July YES
  5. of July NO
  6. of July NO
  7. of July NO (more…)

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Work Log of June: results?


Hello all,

I have worked 24 days of the total 30 days of the month of June. During this time I have fine tuned every detail on Project Ideas. I haven’t done alot of work each day that I marked as a day I worked on Project ideas but in general I have done alot of improvements during the past month. Some days I worked alot others almost nothing and other days I didn’t do anything at all.


Improvements are in general:

  1. Improved the design and functionality of the theme alot.
  2. Deleted old plugins that where no longer being updated by authors.
  3. Installed alot of plugins for future use.
  4. Added alot of stuff I can release when I want.
  5. And other minor stuff.

What I will try to aim for to finish in July? 

  1. Start developing the idea template(s)
  2. Making the documentation on how to share an idea.
  3. Filling up all pages.
  4. Making the circle go round.
    1. With this I mean that everyone understands how this blog works, what you can do on it and more.
    2. So make it as user friendly as possible.
  5. Populating the blog with 25 ideas before launching it.
  6. Anything else that needs to get finished before launching the blog.


That is it for now. Thank you for reading.

Creative Dude.
Project Leader and manager.

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Why I’m gonna keep using this style

As seen on 24 June 2013

Hello all,

From the last couple of days I have received quite some feedback on the current style. Most find the style you can see below horrid:

As seen on 24 June 2013

As seen on 24 June 2013

I did do some changes today but nothing that really changes how the style looks and is. So many people found that the style has to many colors, is totally not professional. While it may be true I will not plan on changing styles anytime soon.



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Hello everyone,

You might be wondering what those footer widgets are about right? Or just stumbled on this post before having seen those?

Did you expect to be brought to the actual site when hitting that link in the footer? XD Not much to see there yet.  :tongue

Well either way allow me to explain what they are for. For now they are just placeholders that allow people to see we plan on becoming more then just the main idea Project Ideas is meant for.

Which is: Sharing, improving and using ideas for future webmaster projects.

We want to become more than that. We want to offer you everything you need to maintain and build a project.

Therefore we plan to launch in the future “subsites“.

What are subsites?


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