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Terms and Guidelines


You should carefully read the following Terms and Conditions (also referred to as the "Terms of Use", "Terms of Service" or "TOS"). Your use of our website implies that you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.


The following terms and conditions govern all use of the Project Ideas Website and all content found on it. The Website is offered subject to your acceptance without modification of all of the terms and conditions contained herein and all other associated operating rules and policies (including, without limitation, Project Ideas Privacy Policy).

Please read this Agreement carefully before accessing or using the Project Ideas Website. By accessing or using any part of the Website, you agree to become bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement, then you may not access our website. If these terms and conditions are created by Project Ideas, acceptance is expressly limited to these terms.

Note: When we refer to the "idea" we mean the content. As an idea can never be actually owned or have legal rights to.

Age Limit

The Website is available only to individuals who are at least 13 years old. If you are not yet 13 years old, you must stop using the Website immediately or else provide Project Ideas with written parental approval.


All posts, comments and any other written text on Project Ideas should be in American or British English. You may write words in an other language provided you write the translated text into English as well. We want everyone to understand what you write.

Project Ideas Language

When posting ideas that are focused around a domain extension from a specific county. Like: .fr, .de, .in, etc... You may write in the language of that country provided you also post the translation in the post.

The best way to do this is to split the post into two pages using the 'Insert Page break" in the editor. On the first page everything would be said in English on the second page in the language of the domain extension.

You can be more detailed on the second page as long people get what you mean (the basics of the idea) by reading the first page. So that an English person wouldn't know less (info needed to know to make this project work) about the idea than the person (that knows the language of the second page) reading the second page.

Tip: Be sure not to abuse this trust bestowed upon you. You could easily write something offending or inappropriate in your own native language on that second page without us knowing it. But we know most of you will not do this.

To those that might:

If we ever find out from someone reporting the post with the content in question being offending in said native language then we might have to revoke your publishing abilities if not IP ban you. Depending on the situation.

MSN Language

We don't mind comments written in msn lanague as long they don't exist just out of that but are mainly written with correct grammar. We want everyone to understand what you write.


Allowed: tbh I am going to disagree with this idea being a wild success. ;)

Not allowed: tbh idk :|

Of course posts should contain the bare minimum of msn language or other short text or symbols.

Our Services

Our basic service of offering information about project ideas is and will always be free. These are free to both registered users and guests. However we may offer some paid services like advertising on our website.


Any amount we receive from donations is welcome. However we will not offer refunds of money you donated. All money donated will only go to this website and that alone. No money will be spent for personal use. All we gain from donations will be invested back into the website. When donating you agree that you cannot withdraw the money you send to us.

By donating you verify to be 18 or older and know and comply with the regulations of Paypal.com. Donating to us if you are younger than 18 is possible with parental approval. Thus using the account of one of your parents to send the donation.

Even in this situation the rule still applies, no refunds unless it's a serious amount. Then we will donate back what we got from the kid to the parents.

Note: You can donate to us here.

Your Account Info

You agree to be on a secure computer or any other device from which you are browsing our website. You understand the danger of possible hackers trying to hack into our accounts and therefore have a strong password for your account used on Project Ideas.

You also agree to not share your info (Such as e-mail and password.) with any other person, company or group but yourself. Nobody but you has the permission to login and use your account.

You are fully responsible for all activities that occur under the logged in account you created.

Multiple Accounts

You are only entitled to having ownership of maximum 1 account on Project Ideas. We will terminate all other accounts you create on our website when spotted. All posts made through accounts other than your original one will be merged into your first account.

Please don't register an account using a proxy.

Account Hacked

You must immediately notify Project Ideas of any unauthorized access/use of your account or any other breaches of security. Project Ideas will not be liable for any acts or omissions by you, including any damages of any kind incurred as a result of such acts or omissions.

Idea Ownership

You do not claim intellectual property right or exclusive ownership to any idea you published on our website. Whether modified or unmodified all ideas published on our website are the property of Project Ideas. Our ideas are provided 'as is' without being 100% accurate. Project Ideas will not be liable for any damages including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental or consequential, or other losses arising out of the use of or inability to use our ideas.

You can share ideas of your own or others if you give the proper credit if possible. (nor required) As you cannot really own an idea legally speaking. 

Idea Credit

The author may request the person using the idea to add a credit line in the footer or somewhere on the website that will use the idea.

This "credit line" would simply say: (The link can go to the page of the idea as well)

This website was made possible by Project Ideas.

The author can if he/she wants full credit to ask the webmaster using his/her idea to put:

This website was made possible by Creative Kid.

Note: (Creative Kid = Author name with url leading to his/her profile on Project Ideas or own website.)

It isn't required to add this line or any other line of credit. The author can't make any real demands but just requests.

It's your choice to respect them in some way or another or just ignore them.

Regarding Ownership of ideas

In the first place we own the rights to the idea published by any author. Rights as in we can say no to you just deleting the post that contains the project idea. You however as the author of the idea have the right to ask us to make the idea hidden from everyone.

You also have the right to choose:

  • What info you display of the idea on the post page.
  • To whom you share the domain name that is associated with the idea.
    • If you make it private in the post or public.
      • Note: It's important when making it private you share contact info so people could contact you for the domain name.
      • A domain should when possible be untaken but if not be listed up for sale. (So no untaken domain another person can't buy.)
        • If you pick a domain for sale then you need to link us to that page on what the domain owner is selling it for x amount of cash. (You link us from the idea page.
        • You may not make the domain name private if it's for sale. (People have the right to know the domain name without e-mailing you if it's an already registered domain name that is for sale.)
  • If you update or maintain the post on which the idea is shown.
  • To distribute your idea anywhere you want with linking to the idea page on Project Ideas yes or no.

Responsibility of Authors

If you published an idea you agree to the following:

  • You shall not share any link leading to your or another website as a means of promoting said website on the page on which the idea is shown.
    • Please only do so when it is relevant and useful to the visitor and not purely out of self promotion.
  • You agree to only share links in the post going to websites that serve as an example or as a means of explaining a part of your project idea. (So that contribute to your ideas it's presentation.)
  • You as the author are entirely responsible for the content you publish.
  • Your links inserted in the posts are no affiliate links, money making links.
    • Shortlinks are allowed as long they don't make you earn money or put ads in front of the end users clicking it.
  • If you have contributed over 5 ideas you are allowed to put in links that earn you money when used or bought from.
    • But please don't put in too many. Max 2 in total if possible. ;)
  • When using materials like: graphics/content or anything else from a 3rd party you agree to have the rights to share said material.
    • If you don't have the permission you agree to at least give credit where needed.
  • The content you publish does not contain or install any viruses, worms, malware, Trojan horses or other harmful or destructive content.
  • The content you publish is not spam, is not machine- or randomly-generated, and does not contain unethical or unwanted commercial content designed to drive traffic to third party sites or boost the search engine rankings of third party sites, or to further unlawful acts (such as Phishing) or mislead recipients as to the source of the material (such as Spoofing).
  • The content is not obscene, libellous, defamatory, hateful or racially bigoted, does not violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party and is not otherwise unlawful.
  • You will never ask for money/doing a service/a reward fromtheperson(s)asking for the domain name or just anything regarding the idea.
    • It's your choice to share the domain name (IF it is not taken.) to the person you think has the best intentions.
      • Regarding domains that are taken but up for sale read the chapter of: "Regarding ownership of ideas".
    • The actual "reward" is knowing that the person you told the domain name to might start a new project based on your idea.
  • Finally you agree and understand we have an audience of 13+ visitors. Therefore you are not allowed to share thus publish any post that has links going to sites displaying adult content.
    • You also shall not publish adult images or words in your posts.
  • Affiliate links or any sort of such links to make money will not be allowed in posts. If found we will remove them and give you a warning.

Responsibility of Contributors

If you make suggestions or improvements to an already existing idea you agree to the following:

  • You will accept and understand that the author(s) don't have to apply your suggestion(s) to the idea presentation page.
  • Your suggestion should be well presented and understandable.
    • Take your time and make use of bold, italic, underline to better present your suggestion.
  • Make sure your suggestion is accurate and improves the actual idea.
  • You can of course also improve the idea by improving the grammar of the post.
    • Here aswell, the author isn't required to edit his/her grammar based on your corrections.
  • If you think you got a really great suggestion but don't see it added because the author is ignoring you or just isn't anymore active on Project Ideas then:
    • We may edit the post and add the suggestion you made.
      • In this case it's best to notify us on our contact us page with the post link and your comment. 
        • Please be sure to mention if you contacted the author and what he/she said or if he/she didn't reply when you contact us.
Difference between Author/Contributor? An author can publish ideas on the fly while a contributor (All members with 0 posts.) has to wait for their idea to get reviewed and then published by an admin or editor.
Note: A contributor can also be a guest contributing to an idea by commenting what they think can be improved on the idea page.

Responsibility of Commenters

If you published a comment, replied to one then what is said below applies to you.

  • You shall agree to not share links in your comment or website field to websites that contain or install any viruses, worms, malware, Trojan horses or other harmful or destructive content.
  • You as the author are entirely responsible for the comment you publish.
  • When using materials like graphics/content or anything else from 3rd party you agree to have the rights to share said material.
    • If you don't have the permission you agree to at least give credit where needed.
  • The content is not obscene, libellous, defamatory, hateful or racially bigoted, does not violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party and is not otherwise unlawful.
  • Cursing is allowed to a limit. You can say shit or damn, omg, etc... But please don't make a comment full of cursing words.
  • Your name should not be in a manner that misleads the other readers into thinking that you are another person or company.
    • So make sure your site's URL or name is not the name of a person other than yourself or company other than your own.

E-mail Notifications 

As an author you can manage the list of subscribers to your post. If you own a post (and you are now logged in) you could view how it looks here. As an author you can remove subscribers from your post but we would recommend not to do this.
Currently our blog sends out an e-mail to the author of a post when the commenter (logged in or not) is commenting for the first time on our blog.
This means that we or you have to approve the comment. After that is done you nor we will have to approve any future comments from said guest or user.

You are always required to approve a comment. Of course if the comment doesn't violate any of the rules defined on this page.

Contacting the Author

As a logged in user you can if the author of a project idea has chosen to do so, fill out a very short form (subject + comment) to email directly to the author. This could be easier than to copy paste the e-mail the author has given as "contact info" and type the e-mail from there through hotmail.com or an other provider.

Note: The author is not required to include this form in their post(s). Also the author can choose to display this form for guests and users or just for logged in users only.

When submitting a message through this form you agree to the following:

  1. That the author will be able to see your IP.

  2. That the author will be able see the username of the person that sent a message.

  3. That the author sees the e-mail associated to the account of the person that sent the message.

    1. This allows the author to reply to your e-mail.

Why should he be able to see my IP? To make sure when abuse is made of the contact form that we (Project ideas) can take appropriate action quickly. Depending on the gravity of the abuse we may ban the IP associated with the e-mail(s).

Can I contact the author without being a user?  It depends if the author has hidden his/her e-mail from guests and only shows it to logged in users.

As an author you will never share the IP(s) you get access to from messages sent to you from Project Ideas its webpages.
If you do then we may terminate your account and IP ban you.

What to e-mail

You can write to the author the following:

  1. Ask any specific question that you didn't get the answer from after reading the post of the author.

  2. Inform yourself on what domain name is associated with the project idea.

    1. Only applies when the author hasn't shared the domain name in public. (Also the author is not required to share the domain name through e-mail.)

  3. Share what you plan on doing with the idea of the author.

    1. This could help in motivating him/her to mark the post [taken]. (Isn't required to do this.)

      1. By letting the author mark the post [taken] people will know someone (you) is developing or will in the future develop the idea.

  4. Ask the author to mark the idea [taken]. If he/she doesn't want to know what you plan on doing with the idea they might just mark it taken on your request.

  5. You can also discuss a partnership, should the author be interested to start the project idea with you.

  6. Asking (If the author hasn't stated it already.) if he/she wants a credit line on the website that uses the idea.

    1. Regarding giving credit or what to put please read the "Idea Credit" chapter.

Published Content

What is said below applies when creating a comment, account and or post on our website.

By submitting content on our website you grant Project Ideas a world-wide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, modify, adapt and publish the content solely for the purpose of displaying, distributing and promoting your content.

Content Editing

Nobody is able to actually delete anything they submitted as a registered user. They can however modify it to remove all words from said comment or post.

All guests or logged in users have 10 minutes after they made a comment to edit it (Should they wish to do so.). When the 10 minutes have passed you can no longer edit the comment you just created.

Contributors and Authors can edit their ideas (posts) at anytime they want.

Content Deletion

If you created a comment on a wrong page or post or just wish it deleted you can hit the "Request Deletion" link below the comment. After giving the reason (You can choose not to give any reason but its recommended you do.) why in the pop-up your comment will be marked as moderated and will no longer be visible.

We will then evaluate your reason for the removal of the comment and remove it yes or no.


When you are an author and want your post removed completely please notify Project Ideas with the reason why it should be removed. Project Ideas will use reasonable efforts to evaluate if removal of said content is justified. You acknowledge that caching and/or other references to the content may cause the content to not be removed when we said it is removed or hidden.

We reserve the right to restore back any post you edited to make it appear empty. We will restore it if we do not see a justified reason for its removal. Instead of removing it yourself please Contact Us with the reason to hide it or remove the part which is offending or inappropriate.

In most cases we will just hide the content in question and not delete it.

Content Deletion: Disclaimer

Without limiting any of those representations or warranties, Project Ideas has the right (though not the obligation) to, in Project Ideas sole discretion (refuse or remove any content that, in Project Ideas reasonable opinion, violates any Project Ideas policy or terms.

Which is the case when the content is in any way harmful, unlawful or objectionable.

Advertising Payment

Should Project Ideas offer an option to buy advertising from us then we demand that all payments are sent through Paypal. We shall offer no refunds after purchase of an ad on our website.

Responsibility of Visitors

Project Ideas has not reviewed, and cannot review, all of the material, including computer software, posted to the Website, and cannot therefore be responsible for that material's content, use or effects. By operating the Website, Project Ideas does not represent or imply that it endorses the material there posted, or that it believes such material to be accurate, useful or non-harmful.

You are responsible for taking precautions as necessary to protect yourself and your computer systems from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other harmful or destructive content.

Reporting Content

Any user or guest who finds content that is offensive, indecent, or otherwise objectionable, or content containing technical inaccuracies, typographical mistakes, or other errors has a responsibility to report such content to Project Ideas. In the same way, anyone who discovers content on the Website that contains material that violates the privacy or publicity rights, or infringes the intellectual property and other proprietary rights, of third parties, or the downloading, copying or use of which is subject to additional terms and conditions, stated or unstated, must report the same to Project Ideas.

Reporting Content: Disclaimer

Project Ideas disclaims any responsibility for any harm resulting from the use of our website by visitors or logged in users.

Content From Other Websites

We have not reviewed, and cannot review, all of the material, including computer software, made available through the Websites and Web Pages to which Project Ideas links, and that link to Project Ideas.

Project Ideas does not have any control over those websites or web pages, and is not responsible for their contents or their use. By linking to a website or web page that isn't owned by our website, Project Ideas does not represent or imply that it endorses such Websites or web pages.

Content From Other Websites: Disclaimer

You are responsible for taking precautions as necessary to protect yourself and your computer systems from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other harmful or destructive content. Project Ideas disclaims any responsibility for any harm resulting from your use of non-Project Ideas Websites and WebPages.

Copyright Infringement

As Project Ideas asks others to respect it's intellectual property rights, it respects the intellectual property rights of others. If you believe that material located on or linked to by Project Ideas violates your copyright, you are encouraged to notify Project Ideas at:


Project Ideas will respond to all such notices, including as required or appropriate by removing the infringing material or disabling all links to the infringing material. In the case of a visitor who may infringe or repeatedly infringes the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of Project Ideas or others, Project Ideas may, in its discretion, terminate or deny access to and use of the Website. In the case of such termination, Project Ideas will have no obligation to provide a refund of any amounts previously paid to Project Ideas for advertising or other paid services.

If we (Project Ideas) forgot to attribute an image on Project Ideas to you or your website then please contact us and we'll add a link going to your website on our credits page.

Example: We use a certain icon on any part of our web page(s) and haven't anywhere on our website added a line (and link) saying we got said icon from said website.


All content (posts) published on Project Ideas are protected by Digiproof with a badge showed at the end of each post, linking to a certificate of ownership and the publishing date. You as the author are always required to digiproof your posts.

This will protect the content you publish and proof you or we where the first to publish it online and no other 3rd parties.

Intellectual Property

This Agreement does not transfer from Project Ideas to you any Project Ideas or third party intellectual property, and all right, title and interest in and to such property will remain (as between the parties) solely with Project Ideas. Project Ideas, the Project Ideas domain, the Project Ideas logo, and all other trademarks, service marks, graphics and logos used in connection with Project Ideas, or the Website are trademarks or registered trademarks of Project Ideas or Project Ideas's licensors. Other trademarks, service marks, graphics and logos used in connection with the Website may be the trademarks of other third parties. Your use of the Website grants you no right or license to reproduce or otherwise use any Project Ideas or third-party trademarks or content without permission.


Project Ideas reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify or replace any part of this Agreement. It is your responsibility to check this Agreement periodically for changes. Your continued use of or access to the Website following the posting of any changes to this Agreement constitutes acceptance of those changes. Project Ideas may also, in the future, offer new services and/or features through the Website (including, the release of new tools, services and resources). Such new features and/or services shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


Project Ideas may terminate your access to all or any part of the Website at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately. If you wish to terminate this Agreement or your Project Ideas account (if you have one), you may simply discontinue using the Website.

If you paid for advertising it will simply go on until the expired date. We will not delete accounts unless strictly necessary.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The materials on Project Ideas's Website are provided 'as is'. Project Ideas makes no warranties, expressed or implied, and hereby disclaims and negates all other warranties, including without limitation, implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of intellectual property or other violation of rights.

Further, Project Ideas does not warrant or make any representations concerning the accuracy, likely results, or reliability of the use of the materials on its Internet Website or otherwise relating to such materials or on any sites linked to this site.

Limitation of Liability.

In no event will Project Ideas, or its publishers or any other individuals associated with those entities be held responsible for the content they produce. Given they followed the rules posted on this page.

Project Ideas will not be responsible for possible downtime during the period you paid for advertising on our website. We will not extend the period of days our ad is displayed nor offer a discount on the amount you paid for this service.

General Representation and Warranty

You represent and warrant that (i) your use of the Website will be in strict accordance with the Project Ideas  Privacy Policy, with this Agreement and with all applicable laws and regulations (including without limitation any local laws or regulations in your country, state, city, or other governmental area, regarding online conduct and acceptable content, and including all applicable laws regarding the transmission of technical data exported from the country in which you reside) and (ii) your use of the Website will not infringe or misappropriate the intellectual property rights of any third party.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Project Ideas, its users, and its publishers from and against any and all claims and expenses, including attorneys' fees, arising out of your use of the Website, including but not limited to out of your violation of this Agreement.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Each party agrees that any suit, action or proceeding brought by such party against the other in connection with or arising from the Terms of Service ("Judicial Action") shall be governed by the law of the state of residence of the registered Administrative Contact (the "Admin State") for the Website as such laws are applied to agreements between Admin State residents entered into and performed entirely within the Admin State. You consent to the jurisdiction of federal and state courts within the Admin State. You consent to the venue in any action brought against him in connection with breaches of these Terms of Service. You consent to electronic service of process regarding actions under the above agreement.

Records of Visitor Use and Abuse 

You consent to having your Internet Protocol address recorded. An email address may appear immediately below (the "Identifier") if we suspect potential abuse. The Identifier is uniquely matched to your Internet Protocol address. Visitors agree not to use this address for any reason.


Actions Taken Against Abuse

We will take appropriate action when sign of trouble is along the way. We will first give you a warning through e-mail but could also just IP ban you on the spot if the situation demands it. We don't have the time or resources to go and educate you on how you should behave or act on a website.

If you get IP banned we are very sorry but sometimes it's just for the best. Accept it and move on. Don't take it personally.

Don't try to use a proxy and get involved again on our website. We will just IP ban you again.

How many warnings can I get before getting IP banned? It depends, did you do it unintentionally or intentionally. Cause if you didn't know you were doing something wrong we understand. However if you know you're doing something that is against our rules here it might not be a warning you get but an instant IP ban. This of course depends on the severity of the situation.

Reasons you might get a warning for from us through e-mail:

  • Breaking any rule(s) defined on this page.
  • Posting details of an idea you didn't come up with and didn't give credit.
    • + not having the permission from the person who wrote the details you share-copy pasted to our website.
  • Going off-topic on a page or post.
  • Writing a comment/post in French or any other language than American or British English.
  • Writing a comment/post with to much msn language again and again.
  • Posting/sharing affiliate links of your own or others that if clicked or signed up for get someone some cash.
  • Etc ... 

Reasons you might get IP banned for:

  • Using a proxy to access/use our website.
  • Having more then 1 account on Project Ideas.
  • Removing a whole post its content without telling us when you do it or why. (We don't want visitors to find empty posts!)
    • Don't share an idea that you don't plan on letting remain on Project Ideas.
    • If you got a really good reason and tell us this before removing the post (its contents.) we might agree with the removal of the idea.
  • Demanding anything other than the intentions of the person who is informing about the idea you posted.
    • With this we mean don't ask for cash if they want to know the domain name they could use. 
      • Instead say no to sharing the domain name.
    • Etc ...
  • Copying ideas without giving credit to the author and without asking the permission to share it on other websites.
  • Etc ...
It seems pretty strict here? We are not perfect. No person or site is. We try to learn from trial and error. So what is said on this page may change at any given time.


Are we wrong in having warned you or banned you? E-mail us at projectideas[at]hotmail[dot]com explaining us what we did wrong.

If I'm banned then how can I see this page? You can't but then again you are probably using a proxy (Which is allowed only for finding out the e-mail you need to contact us with.) or if you're smart you have visited this page before getting banned! ;)


Project Ideas may revise these Terms of Use for its Website at any time without notice. By using this Website you are agreeing to be bound by the then current version of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

Questions or Suggestions

  • Is something not explained on this page?
  • Do you have a question or concern about a certain rule or requirement on this page?
  • Feel something isn't explained yet on this page?
  • Found anything that could be improved?
For any of the above please use the form on our contact us page.

All material is copyrighted by their original owners.


We would like to thank you for reading or going through parts of this page. We hope this page has been useful to you. :)

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